Amparo Portilla: An Appointment in Heaven

DVD AMPARO PORTILLA: An Appointment in Heaven. Amparo Portilla Crespo, a Spanish woman of our times and mother of eleven children, could become the first married woman to be canonized in the diocese of Madrid, breaking with a long tradition of eight centuries, from Santa Maria de la Cabeza, wife of san Isidro more


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AMPARO PORTILLA: An Appointment in Heaven.

AMPARO PORTILLA: An Appointment in Heaven.

This biography of Amparo contains dozens of touching testimonials from friends and relatives bearing witness to her heroic virtues, sprinkled with anecdotes of truly inspiring humanity.
Many hours of amateur video and 8 mm film served as the base of this project to illustrate the thrilling narration.
Parents of modern-day families might benefit from the life of Amparo, who died in 1996, through many examples concerning how to impart a Christian education to children, the marital relationship and how to apply evangelical teachings to ordinary life and the hectic nature of household life.
The Cardinal of Madrid has opened her process of canonization, which is in phase advanced in Rome.


Original Title: Amparo Portilla: Una cita en el Cielo.
Number of discs: 1
Run Time: 55 min.
Languages: Spanish / English
Year: 2005
Rated: Suitable for all
System: PAL / NTSC

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