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Discovering the Vatican (4 DVD's Set)

14 episode documentary series DISCOVERING THE VATICAN: A multi-tiered look at the Vatican...

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14 episode documentary series DISCOVERING THE VATICAN

A multi-tiered look at the Vatican, this series takes you inside its fascinating history and offers a unique glimpse of daily life there, featuring comments from Church leaders, journalists and other well-known figures.

Episodes include:

A Tomb on a Hill - This episode tells the story of St. Peter’s grave and explains why St. Peter’s Basilica was built on the location that it was, and how archeological surveys confirm the authenticity of the burial site.

Papal Electors - This episode explains how someone becomes Pope, and who the Cardinals are who elect him.

A State in the Hill’s Shadow - This episode is an exploration of the Vatican city state and its history as an autonomous governing state.

The Divisions of His Holiness - This episode is an examination of the Swiss Guard that serve the Pope, their daily life, and their dramatic history.

The Basilica above the Grave - The story of St. Peter’s Basilica, its artwork, dramatic history and significance to the Catholic Church.

The Papal Household - An overview of a cycle of a day in the Vatican, starting with the Vineyards and farms of Castel Gandolfo and the workers who upkeep and maintain the basilica. Also featured are present-day Mosaics artists, the Vatican Post Office, and Vatican printing house.

The White Car - This history of papal cars, from the papal coach to the Pope mobile.

Papal Antiques - An exploration of the Vatican Museums and their history.

Garden on the Hill - An examination of the Vatican Gardens and those who take care of them.

The Vatican’s Residents - A look at the different kinds of people who live in the Vatican State and why they do.

The Hospital of Art - A focus on the Vatican’s conservation efforts to protect historic paintings, sculptures, frescos, books and documents on a daily basis.

St. Peter’s Media - The story of the Vatican’s media, its radio, newspaper and television, and its collective relationship with the rest of the world.
Things that Stayed, Things that Passed - Presentation of the changing traditions related to the Holy Father.

Chapel of the Beginning and End - The story of the Sistine Chapel and its recent renovation project.

Produced in full HD quality 14 episode story of over 6 hours of length with unique pictures and breathtaking facts from inside of the Vatican. Complete collection available on 4 DVD`s.

discovering the vatican

{magictabs} TRAILER:: |||| DETAILS:: Number of discs: 4
Run Time: 367 min.
Rated: Suitable for all
Language: English / Español / Polish / German / Italian / French / Japanese / Portuguese / Russian
Year: 2006

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  • Sistema PAL - Todas las zonas / regiones
  • Idiomas Portugués, Otro, Italiano, Alemán, Polaco, Inglés, Francés, Español
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  • Tipo de película Religiosa
  • Tema del Libro: Historia, Cultura y Ciencia

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