Shadow & Light, is there any sense for suffering?

Documentary Serie in SHADOW & LIGHT, Is there any sense for suffering? Adolfo Suarez, a politician whose faith moved all his life... read more

Format: dvd videoFormato PALTodas las zonas / regiones
Language: Español

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SYNOPSIS of the DVD Serie:


This series shows us living examples of people who suffer or have suffered pain or tribulations and have faced them with a Christian spirit, such as the late Spanish Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez.
They tell us their experiences with their relatives or friends, and invite us to reconsider the pain in all its supernatural dimension, redemptive and sanctifying.

This DVD includes an unpublished interview with Adolfo Suárez Jr. in which he describes, with a serene faith, the pain of his mother's death, the one of his sister, and the long illness of his father.


Título Original: Sombra y Luz ¿Tiene sentido el sufrimiento?
Número de discos: 1
Duración: 60 min. (4 x 15 min)
Idiomas: Español
Año: 2008
Sistema: PAL todas las zonas / regiones

Sistema PAL - Todas las zonas / regiones
Language: Spanish
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